The Environmental Group handles environmental matters at the local, state and federal level, for clients that range from individuals with modest environmental issues to large corporations involved in major litigation and remediation efforts. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and have experience in handling matters involving the following: Superfund, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and CERCLA litigation; soil and groundwater contamination; cost recovery and remediation; supervision of Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies; underground storage tank removal; vapor intrusion; chemical spills; environmental due diligence; storm water management; submerged land acquisition; and permitting.


The Environmental Group works closely with the Business Group and the Real Estate Group, and when necessary, appropriate technical consultants, to evaluate and assess potential environmental liabilities. Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience, which includes defending claims by both governmental agencies and private parties. Our attorneys are capable of counseling clients regarding numerous contingencies that may arise, and are focused on resolving environmental issues in the most expeditious and cost effective manner possible.

The Environmental Group strives to stay current in the complex and ever-changing environmental landscape. In this regard, members of the Group have authored the Pennsylvania Environmental Handbook (now in its sixth edition), to track regulatory, statutory, and judicial developments in the environmental field.



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