Our Insurance Group provides services to numerous insurers on various levels. Our attorneys have been called upon to provide coverage opinions with regard to various issues, including late notice, failure to cooperate, activities prejudicing coverage, identity of the insured, scope of coverage, and other insurance provisions. We have experience in construing and applying various coverages and policy forms, such as hull, P & I, charterer's liability, tower's liability, builder's risk, pollution, cargo, and yacht on the marine side, and comprehensive general liability, fire, homeowner's, and auto on the non-marine side. In this context we have prepared opinion letters, reservation of rights letters, non-waiver agreements, disclaimers, releases and assignments. We also have conducted examinations under oath. We have prepared, prosecuted, and defended declaratory judgment actions.


We often are appointed by insurers as defense counsel to protect the interests of their insureds with regard to personal injury and death claims, or claims for property loss and damage. We also represent insurers who have adjusted and paid property loss claims, in pursuing subrogation or recovery actions against potentially responsible third parties.



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