Eugene Mattioni Awarded 2017 Spirit of the Port Award

Eugene Mattioni, Shareholder at Mattioni, Ltd.,  has been chosen by the Seamen's Church Institute of Philadelphia and South Jersey to receive their 2017 Spirit of the Port Award.  It is given annually to an individual selected by leaders in the maritime community, who epitomizes the spirit and humanity of our Port of Philadelphia and South Jersey.

"I knew about Eugene's philanthropic support before I came to SCI, and indeed, he was one of the first people to come and meet me and offer his support of our work serving the seafarer community," said Helene Pierson, Executive Director of the Seamen’s Church Institute. 

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Michael Mattioni Was a Presenter at the 18th Annual Real Estate Institute

Michael Mattioni and Joan Adams presented a session titled “A Comparison of Pennsylvania and New Jersey Real Estate Law.”  This is the second year they were presenters for this event. This session highlighted many of the significant differences between New Jersey and Pennsylvania real estate law, issues and practice challenges to effectively represent clients under both jurisdictions.

Eugene Mattioni Appointed to Navigation Commission by Mayor Michael Nutter

Eugene Mattioni, Shareholder at Mattioni, Ltd, was appointed by Mayor Michael Nutter to the Navigation Commission for the Delaware River and its Navigable Tributaries.  The Navigation Commission consists of seven members and two ex officio members.  Mayor Nutter is responsible for appointing two of these members.  “The citizens of Philadelphia and I are grateful to you for assuming this important role and for helping to ensure the safety of our local rivers”, Mayor Nutter stated in a letter to Eugene.

The  Navigation Commission has many responsibilities, including deciding all differences which may arise between masters, owners and consignees of ships and vessels, and pilots.  They also establish regulations governing the application, qualifications, recruitment, selection and training of apprentices.

Since its inception in 1907, the Commission has been vested with the authority to grant licenses to Pennsylvania pilots and regulate the services they provide.  This is particularly important for the Philadelphia waterways because every foreign vessel traversing the Delaware River and its navigable tributaries is generally required to use the services of a pilot licensed by either Pennsylvania or Delaware.  A Pennsylvania-licensed pilot has the local knowledge of tides, currents, channel depths, and other conditions needed to safely navigate a vessel on the Delaware River.

Gene has supported the maritime community many years. Most recently, Gene was named “Person of the Year” by the Ports of Philadelphia Maritime Society.  He was also the recipient of the United States Merchant Marine Academy Meritorious Alumni Service and Outstanding Professional Achievement Awards and was President of the Philadelphia Chapter, USMMA Alumni Association. Gene also served on the Executive Board of the Seaman’s Church Institute, and as Vice Chairman of the Chapel of Four Chaplains earning it’s Bronze Medallion. Gene is a member of the Board of the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay and is active in many maritime charities. He is a proud sponsor of the World War II US Merchant Marine and US Navy Armed Guard Memorial. 

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Ports of Philadelphia Maritime Society Names Eugene Mattioni as 2014 “Person of the Year”

The Ports of Philadelphia Maritime Society (PPMS) congratulates and honors Eugene Mattioni, Shareholder of the law offices of Mattioni, Ltd., as its 2014  “Person of the Year.”

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the maritime industry. Gene’s life is deeply rooted within the maritime community. Gene attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he graduated with honors. He is a licensed Master Mariner and was a member of the United States Naval Reserve.

Gene attended Georgetown Law School, joined Mattioni, Ltd., and became a partner along with his brothers, Dante, Blasco, Faustino and John. The firm engaged in many legal disciplines including substantial work in admiralty and maritime matters. Gene has practiced law for over 40 years.

Gene has supported the maritime community and his alma mater for many years. He was the recipient of the USMMA Meritorious Alumni Service and Outstanding Professional Achievement Awards and was President of the Philadelphia Chapter, USMMA Alumni Association. Gene also served on the Executive Board of the Seaman’s Church Institute, and as Vice Chairman of the Chapel of Four Chaplains earning it’s Bronze Medallion. Gene is a member of the Board of the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay and is active in many maritime charities. He is a proud sponsor of the World War II US Merchant Marine and US Navy Armed Guard Memorial.

Gene is also a member of the Justinian Society, Saint Thomas More Society, Maritime Law Association of the United States, and Ports of Philadelphia Maritime Society. He is a founding Member of the Maritime Academy Charter School and currently serves as its Chairman.

Gene is the ninth of ten children and the youngest son of Domenico and Concetta Maria Mattioni. Gene and his wife Marie, sponsor children in Honduras and Guatemala through Children Inc. He has received the Living Faith Award from St. Bridget Parish Catholic Church. 

NJ Governor Christie: $11M Ferry Building Deal for Tuckahoe Shipyard

Stephen J. Galati, Esquire of Mattioni, Ltd. represented Yank Marine in the negotiation of the ground breaking contract  this past week between Yank Marine and NY Waterway.  Construction of the two ferries will begin at the end of this year, with the first ferry beginning service in early 2015.  "I'm pleased today to announce the construction of two state-of-the-art ferries that will make life easier and more efficient for commuters between Monmouth County and Manhattan," said Governor Christie.  These are the first NY Waterway ferries built in the Garden State since the Weehawken-based ferry service started service in 1986.  The new catamaran ferries, financed by NY Waterway, will be placed in service between Belford in Monmouth County and Manhattan. 

“For more than 40 years, New Jersey-based Yank Marine has built and repaired quality vessels, and their experience and talent will vastly improve the daily travel experience for thousands of New Jerseyans,” said Gov. Christie.

“Like NY Waterway, Yank Marine is a New Jersey-based, family-owned business committed to quality and service,” said Mr. Imperatore. “We value this partnership which will benefit millions of Garden State commuters in the decades to come, as these worthy boats carry them to work in safety and comfort. Millions of other New Jersey residents will benefit because our ferries keep thousands of cars off our streets and roads.”

Mr. Galati's practice primarily concerns admiralty and maritime related matters.  He has extensive experience in litigating cargo recovery claims, and specializes in handling matters associated with the importation, storage and transportation of refrigerated and perishable cargoes. His practice includes representation of growers and importers of refrigerated commodities, marine transportation and trucking companies, marine underwriters, marine terminal operators, refrigerated warehousemen and other related businesses.

Mr. Galati also has significant experience as well in litigation regarding personal injuries, hull damage, and salvage. He has represented clients in U.S. Coast Guard license and other administrative proceedings. 

The law offices of Mattioni, Ltd. have been providing legal services to businesses and individuals since 1963.  Since its inception, the firm has specialized in admiralty and maritime matters.  Mattioni continues as  a recognized leader in this very specialized discipline.   The firm also  provides  counseling and litigation services to businesses and individuals.  

An article explaining the details has been published at, a Maritime and Marine online magazine. Click to read

Michael Mattioni, Esquire of Mattioni, Ltd. served as moderator and presenter for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute's program "What Pennsylvania Lawyers Need to Know About New Jersey Real Estate Law". Mr. Mattioni, as the course planner,  provided guidance on important issues to highlight. The purpose of the seminar was to acquaint Pennsylvania lawyers with some of the significant differences and practice challenges of which Pennsylvania lawyers aware to effectively represent their clients when dealing with New Jersey real estate transactions.  As presenter, Mr. Mattioni discussed New Jersey title insurance issues.
Stephen G. Galati, Esquire of Mattioni, Ltd.was a recent speaker and panel moderator at the Pollution Prevention Workshop held at the Corinthian Yacht Club, Essington, PA.  The Workshop was sponsored by Sea Grant Pennsylvania, an organization that conducts and supports research and education that addresses environmental issues relevant to Pennsylvania's coastal resources.  Mr. Galati's presentation discussed legal aspects and environmental regulations concerning pollution and spills. Mr. Galati is a shareholder practicing Maritime and Admiralty Law, which has been a core practice area since its inception. 

Michael Mattioni and  Joseph F. Bouvier Selected to Super Lawyers 2014 - Pennsylvania 


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